«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

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«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

«OLEOTON» Pressure

«OLEOTON» Pressure — this lubricant is designed for use in mechanisms operating in conditions of heavy loads, high vibration and impact. We recommend to use it in industries such as:
— metallurgy (sinter production, steelmaking and rolling manufacture);
— heavy machinery (forging, stamping, casting, drawing);
— ship repair (for the lubrication of units, which the sea-water can get in) etc.
Compared with the same greases of other manufacturers, «OLEOTON» Pressure would greatly save financial resources by extending parts’ service life, increase intervals between repairs and reduce costs for the purchase of the lubricant.

Engineering data:

1. Appearance, physical state, color: Homogeneous grease, color from gray to black
2. Drop point, not lower than, °C: 280
3. NLGI*: 2
4. Viscosity at −20 °C with an average gradient of a strain rate 10 s-1, Pa*s, not more than: 1800
5. Mass fraction of solids, %, not more than: None
6. Colloidal stability, % of separated oil, not more than: 6
7. Evaporation at 120 °C for 1 hour, %, not more than: 5
8. Oxidation stability, mgKOH/g, not more than: 2.9
9. Corrosion effect on metals: Resists
10. Protective properties: Sustains
11. Water resistance at 79 °C for 1 hour, %, not more than: 5
12. 4-Ball wear test (at 20±5 °C), N, not lower than:
— Welding point: 6000
— Failure load: 1570
— 40 kg scar, mm: 0,58

* On demand, greases can be made with NLGI 00,0,1,3