«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

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«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants


«OLEOTON» HotTemp — lubricant is specially designed for the needs of the metallurgical industry. Increased operating temperature and the temperature of dropping point of grease enable the use of «OLEOTON» HotTemp in bearing and other units of the metallurgical equipment, where other lubricants burn, flows or lose their lubricating properties.
Main aggregates, in which the use of «OLEOTON» HotTemp is recommended are:
— furnace roller conveyors;
— pushers of continuous furnaces,
— section of secondary cooling of CCM;
— slag;
— domain and rolling equipment.
Like all «OLEOTON» lubrication, «OLEOTON» HotTemp provides a cost reduction of enterprises on maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Engineering data:

1. Appearance, physical state, color: Homogeneous grease, color from light red to red
2. Drop point, not lower than, °C: 310
3. NLGI: 2-3
4. Viscosity at −20 °C with an average gradient of a strain rate 10 s-1, Pa*s, not more than: 1800
5. Mass fraction of solids, %, not more than: None
6. Colloidal stability, % of separated oil, not more than: 8
7. Evaporation at 120 °C for 1 hour, %, not more than: 5
8. Oxidation stability, mgKOH/g, not more than: 5
9. Corrosion effect on metals: Resists
10. Protective properties: Sustains
11. Water resistance at 79 °C for 1 hour, %, not more than: 5
12. 4-Ball wear test (at 20±5 °C), N, not lower than:
— Welding point: 3480
— Failure load: 1040
— 40 kg scar, mm: 0,6