«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

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«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

About «OLEOTON» Products

«OLEOTON» lubricants — a new product, developed by technical staff of scientific and production association «Rimol». Originally it was tasked to develop a product line that meets the requirements of both maintenance and technical personnel of enterprises and managers, who need to reduce the financial costs of maintenance and repair of equipment.
Herewith, considering general tendency to reducing expenses on enterprises, special attention was paid to the price. Lubricants should be available, with high-quality and universal at the same time. Their use provides pronounced technical and economic effect. The experience of laboratory and industrial testing proved the reality of the complex problem solving.

«OLEOTON» lubricants belong to the group of sulphonate and are manufactured from a mixture of petroleum or synthetic oils, thickened with complex calcium carbonate, and stabilized with surfactants of natural origin with the addition of multifunctional additives and fillers.

The innovative technology of their production gives them benefits such as:
— high mechanical stability;
— wide operating temperature range;
— extremely low cost compared to analogues;
— high anti-friction and anti-scuffing characteristics;
— resistance to water washout and steam;
— different values ​​of penetration, that allows producing the lubrication for customer’s specific needs and specific types of equipment.