«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

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«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

Agriculture technics

AgricultureFor many countries of the world the agricultural sector is fundamental. Therefore, the maintenance of machinery and equipment in good working order and operative condition is one of the chief tasks — if not of the first, but of the second importance exactly. During the spring and fall field work, every minute is precious as ever. In order to make the production cycle of sowing, handling, harvesting and storaging of crops a continuous process, and stopping the equipment because of a failure became minimaI, we suggest using of innovative «OLEOTON» lubrication. As in other industries and national economy using our lubricants gives pronounced technical and economic effect.

We recommend the use of «OLEOTON» lubricants in these types of equipment, such as:
— fodder;
— sowing and harvesting;
— melioration;
— logging;
— warehousing;
— sorting equipment, transportation, drying and storage of grain;
— weighing and dosing equipment etc.