«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

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«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any risks of using products «OLEOTON» in my equipment?

In certain degree, but they are. Just in one case: the technical characteristics of the basic lubrication, recommended by the manufacturer of equipment are much higher than the characteristic of «OLEOTON». You should also pay attention to the critical parameters of the lubricant used: dropping point, penetration, critical load. It is possible that a particular node does not require excessive lubrication quality indicators.

What caused such a low price of lubricants «OLEOTON», compared to similar lubricants of other manufacturers?

Offered by our company lubricant is produced by innovative technology, which allows a large extent to save material and technical resources and thus reduces the final cost of the lubricant «OLEOTON» without any degradation of technical parameters.

Should I change the staffing, the manufacturer recommended lubricant on «OLEOTON»?

To solve this problem it is necessary to do technical and economic analysis of ongoing maintenance costs, taking into account the current cost and expense of the base grease, as well as its technical characteristics. If you find the specifications of «OLEOTON» satisfying, the final choice depends on economic factor.

Is «OLEOTON» a solution to all technical and economic problems?

It isn’t. Lubricants «OLEOTON» versatile enough to use and certainly suitable for use in most units and mechanisms. But the diversity of units and their work environment does not allow to call «OLEOTON» «a panacea» for all the technical problems.

How to know whether the «OLEOTON» fits for your hardware?

Compare specifications of the lubricant used to the characteristics of the «OLEOTON», or contact our specialists, who will select the most suitable option for your equipment in a line of «OLEOTON».

How does «OLEOTON» differ from its analogues?

The main difference is the relation of price and quality, which is at the highest level, and the presence in the lineup of environmentally friendly, biodegradable lubricants and products with improved tribological properties.

Is there a global technical support and advice?

Our specialists are always ready to answer questions of a technical and economic character via e-mail: info@oleoton.com, tech@oleoton.com, logistics@oleoton.com

What are the economic benefits of using the lubricants «OLEOTON»?

Depending on the cost and consumption of basic lubricant used, and duration of the service life of details, the use of «OLEOTON» gives a pronounced economic effect due to the lower cost, combined with high-load properties.

What are the quality guarantees provided by the manufacturer of lubricants «OLEOTON»?

Production of lubricants NGO «Rimol» is certificated according to international quality standards, and has a certificate ISO 9001: 2000. Each batch of products undergoes an obligatory check comes with a data sheet of the safety and the origin of the material.